Down and out in Paris…

28 03 2010

Bon Soir a Paris!

Another great couple of days on the continent! Yesterday we went to the Louvre where the riches of the French empire were on display. There were exhibits on Greek Antiquities, Egypt and the European Renaissance to name a few, and all were amazing. Apres le Louvre nous allons a Notre Dame. This cathedral is an absolute marvel once you get past all the vendors hawking their wares. Within the walls are a multitude of chapels dedicated to different saints, the most prominent being Mary (“Our Lady” = Notre Dame). Sacre Couer was just as amazing and awe inspiring, I’ve never seen the kids so respectful and reverent. After the sites it was off to Montmarte for a nice sit-down group meal which left the gang sated and sleepy — ready for a good night’s sleep!

Daylight Savings has arrived in Paris and boy are our students tired! The loss of an hour’s sleep makes a big difference on the group’s energy level, it’s a good thing we had an hour’s bus ride to allow everyone to catch up on some Z’s. There was a purpose to the bus ride however, as we were on our way to Versailles to visit the luxurious Palais de Versailles. The opulence and extravagance of Versailles is immediately apparent. The golden fence that marks the entrance is only one small part of a vast and expansive palace that is full of luxury. After the palace it was home for a meal, then off to the Eiffel Tower. We were able to take some great pictures from the Champs de Mars as we waited for our turn to get to the top, once there it was hard to get anyone down. The view from the tower is inexplicable. From the tower we were off to the Latin Quarter for another group meal… which again left us satisfied and tired (there seems to be  a pattern evolving).

C’est tout… au revoir a Paris!

Mr. Tuerlings




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