Quotes and Snippets….

28 03 2010

Ms. Fuller at the Palais de Versailles: No wonder there was a revolution!

Elliot Letts in Sacre Coeur: This trip has been an eyeopener.

Maya Macatumpeg: “Thats what I am talking about!”  This was after she jumped into a ad hoc dance off with street performers.

Two boys bought roses for ……..

Alicia Dekker was giving out high fives after she faced her fear of heights on the ascent of the Eiffel Tower.

Rachel Letwin bargained her way down to 6 euros from 10 euros!

“Oh my god, more stairs?!?!?!?!”  Many.

“I accidentally threw my Metro pass in the garbage!” Shane Wlodarczak.

“I am so mad about how those kids (non-McNair students) are behaving here!”  Lia Andrianos in the Flanders Fields Museum.

Justine Chu has a beautifully written sheet of “Common French Fraises” to be practiced while shopping.

“I feel like I am crowd-surfing.”  Isabel Wong in an over-crowded Metro car.

Sunny Sandher offered his seat on the Metro to a surprised Parisian lady which brought a huge smile to her face.

“I actually had tears in my eyes.”  Taniesha Day when she saw the Eiffel Tower with her own eyes.

Karson Schroeder took one LOOK at his spectacular crepes dish and ordered a second on the spot.  Yes thats right, he hadn’t even tasted the first one yet!

Kaitlin Stoneman = French Translator….. which means Mr. Soong gets yelled at less in furious french.

I got a little teary when I read an actual Notification of Death letter to the family of a fallen Canadian soldier.  Soong

“Any more of those chocolate covered raisins?”  Weathermon

Its late but we will try to post more of these in days to come.  Trip Staff.




4 responses

29 03 2010

The crepes in Paris are fantastic. Have you had a esspresso in St. Marks Square yet? I want to hear everything when you get back.

29 03 2010
Sherrie Mejilla (Raechel M's Mom)

Loved this section! Keep it up! I’d like to know who the roses were for and why, what a tease to leave us hanging!

29 03 2010
Dad and Susan

I knew all that french practice would come in handy.
Hope there were no bodies in the fountain at Versaille ;0
Keep having tons of fun.
What did you bargain for?

Roses! Everyone needs more Roses.

30 03 2010

… I don’t recall saying that.

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