The Silver Lining

28 03 2010

Unfortunately one person in our group was the victim of a pickpocket.  As beautiful as Paris is, there is the ugly side of having your personal items lifted from your possession.  With that said, Facebook was a useful tool today.  Bella, who was the victim of a pickpocket, discovered a message on her Facebook page of all things.  It was a note from a Dutch tourist that found her wallet and said that he had turned it in to the Lost and Found in the Gare du Nord Train Station on his way out of Paris.  He said that there was no money in the wallet but a whole bunch of cards that he figured would be useful to the owner.  So upon having her name, he took the time to send an inquiry to “Isabella Cabido” with the information above.  Further, Bella was greeted by a number of our group singing “happy birthday’ (and its not her birthday!)  They pooled together some Euros and gave it to her as a present to tie her over until she was able to get her financial situation sorted out.  So as the saying goes, “every dark cloud has a silver lining.”





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