Whizzing Across the Channel

30 03 2010

We started off yesterday with an interesting walking tour through the St. Germain des Pres area of Paris, where we were able to see the living and working spaces of such great writers as Ernest Hemingway and Oscar Wilde.  We were also able to peek through St. Sulpice church, which contains the “rose line” from the Da Vinci Code.  Some of us were invited into what is now an Art Academy, and climbed the stairs up to Picasso’s studio, where he painted some of his most famous paintings.  After lunch in the Latin Quarter, we hopped the Metro to the Arc de Triomphe, and climbed more stairs (the students love these) to see some great views of Paris.  Then we did some window shopping down the Champs d’Elyssees (the French phrase for window shopping is “window licking”), since most of the stores were well beyond our price range, although fun to look at, and met at the obelisk at the Place de la Concorde.  We returned to the Latin Quarter for dinner, where many of the students chose to have a real, sit down French dinner.

Today was a travel day, but we still managed to fit in some interesting activities.  We left Paris early this morning back to England, but stopped for a visit at the Vimy Ridge Memorial.  The memorial is a huge and absolutely stunning sculpture, capturing the mood of grief and loss, with the names of thousands of Canadians who lost their life in the battle.  Some students found their own last names or names they feel connected to.  The area is still pitted with holes from bombs and grenades, and we were able to view trenches preserved from the war as well.  After this, it was off to the coast to cross to England through the chunnel.  This required our bus driver to squeeze our beautiful (very new) bus onto a train car with very little space to spare.  However, he did this without a problem.  In fact, he has performed some amazing feats of driving on this trip, because the tiny streets of Paris and other places we have visited were just not meant for big buses like ours.  Our crossing took less than an hour (wouldn’t it be lovely to have something like this between Vancouver and Vancouver Island?) and we were back in jolly old England, and back to the Ace Hotel.  Some of us headed straight back out for some shopping while others relaxed or did laundry (socks and underwear seem to be getting in short supply!) but we all met later at Covent Garden for dinner.  Tomorrow will be a busy day with the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace and the London Eye. from Ms. Fuller




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1 04 2010
Patti Bonisteel

For those of you looking for last minute gift ideas…the mega Cadbury chocolate bars are available at the airport…duty free!! You’ll make alot of family and friends very happy. See you soon Emily. Love, Mom

1 04 2010
Patti Bonisteel

For those of you looking for last minute gift ideas….you can get mega Cadbury chocolate bars at the airport…duty free!! You will make a lot of family and friends very happy. See you soon Emily, love Mom

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