Home Sweet Home

4 04 2010

Home Sweet Home

Isn’t it nice to have the comforts of your own home and sleep in your own bed? I am sure the dust mites are happy for your return too!

In the past 16 days, we visited four countries, six cities, and stuck to the trip’s philosophy of seeing as much as we can in the allotted time, and developing effective and efficient travel skills.  I am confident that all students were able to learn how to use the public transportation systems in the cities we visited, and learned how to make decisions regarding health (sleep, clothing, etc), the use of foreign currency, and safety.

Students: if you are struggling with a bit of jetlag, do your best to stay up until bedtime.  Sometimes physical activity or fresh air can help with that.  If it is hard to resist going to bed, go out and take the temptation away.  The sooner you take on the struggle, the sooner you can get back to feeling comfortable in this time zone (and the sooner you can get back to being a student!)

As a staff, it was always our intention to get the biggest ‘bang for the bucks’. We were able to increase the number, variety, and the quality of the experiences because of the great currency exchange rates and we were also able to save by booking all of the items on our itinerary ourselves, and lead the group throughout our destinations. This way we were also able to make sure the students got lots of exercise with tonnes of walking, a mountain of stairs, and even optional jogging in the morning.

Overall, we the teachers were extremely pleased with the group who were able to meet timelines and move efficiently through sometimes extremely crowded places.  We were able to see a great variety of things and have loads of fun at the same time.  It is with a bit of sadness to stop the experience but as I said earlier, there is no place like home.  We do truly hope that the memories and experiences will translate into lifelong learning towards future travel and this trip will be one of the highlights of your adolescent years.  Parents, thank you for your support by believing that we could provide your children with a significant learning experience over  sixteen days on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean!

So what is next?  There is still a fair amount of work to do but in about one month, we will plan to have a wind up of the trip.  STUDENTS: please have a look through your photos and pick your best TWO PICTURES and email them to Mr. Soong (bsoong@sd38.bc.ca) as soon as you can.  When you choose your pictures, think of your favourite things/places and try for clear and high resolution shots.  They are intended to go into a slideshow.




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