Hello Parents (and students)!

25 03 2010

We are six days into our trip and we are full steam ahead.  The kids are quite tired but we have seen a ton of things.  We, the staff, have tried to provide a variety of experiences so there is a little something for everyone.  Hopefully all the kids have been able to take something from the trip so far.  We are off to Bruge and Paris tomorrow so another full day is ahead.  If we are all the way over here, we might as well do as much as we can!

I hope that you have all enjoyed the blog entries by some of the travellers.  It is my goal to get all the kids to make an entry on the blog even though some run away when i ask them to type!  For those of you who have commented, the kids have enjoyed to hear from you too.  So don’t be shy and please feel free to leave a comment NOW!!!!!

As for the pictures, they will be available upon return from our trip.  I will ask all the kids to select their best pictures and give them to me.  From here I will put them all together into a file and make it available for copy to a cd or flash drive.

Hopefully things are good at home and you are enjoying some peace and quiet…….



I Actually Got a Good Sleep! By Emily Bonisteel

25 03 2010

Hi everyone,

I finally got used to the time change the day we spent the night on the Stena Line Ferry.  I was so tired that i just couldn’t take it any more and also because we had rooms of two so it was peaceful!  Oh yeah, the breakfast was great too!  I had pancakes and they were delicious!!!!!

Today we saw Anne Franks’ House, the Rijksmuseum, and the AJAX Stadium.  My favourite of the three things was the stadium because it was cool to see where the teams plays, and the field.  We also got to go backstage where the press conferences are done.

We leave for Paris tomorrow and I can’t wait to see the Eiffel Tower!


My Europe 2010, by Karson Schroeder

24 03 2010

It’s been an amazing trip so far. We’ve been kept busy and all of us have enjoyed seeing everything that Europe has to offer. The things you see of Europe on TV don’t nearly compare to seeing them in real life.  For example when I heard we were seeing Big Ben I  thought, big deal, its a clock.  But on the first night when we got to see it all lit up I was amazed.  Our days are packed and every night we get in late.  The trip has been great because I’m pretty sure that by the end there won’t be a single thing in Europe that we’ve missed.  My absolute favorite thing we’ve done so far would definitely be the soccer game between Fulham and Manchester City.  The atmosphere was amazing and seeing professional  soccer  players was  incredible.  Plus the team  I was cheering for, Manchester City, won  2-1.


The BEST Thing On The Trip So Far…..

23 03 2010

LIA – The BEST thing on the trip so far is the Globe Theatre. It was such a beautiful theatre and I’m thankful for being able to have seen it.

DENISE- The best thing on this trip so far was watching Billy Elliot because it was the best production I’ve seen, and the boy was cute.

TAWNIE: the best thing on the trip so far has been seeing our own showers on the ferry to Amsterdam! We don’t have to rush to have cold showers in the morning! GREAT SUCCESS!

BEN: The best part of the trip so far has been the tour of the dungeon at Warwick castle because of the participation that we got to do.

ALICIA: The best part of the trip so far was the Warwick castle because I thought it was really amazing and the dungeon tour was really cool.

MAYA: the best part about this trip so far would be watching Billy Elliot! It was ah-mazing to see such a young performer command a stage like that. He could sing, act and dance and it was an awesome time! I’m part of the theatre department at McNair and that is definitely a good example of the level that we are all trying to achieve as performers J.

JENN: the best about this trip so far is the British Museum because there were lots of things that I have never seen and I was able to learn about European history.

CADE: The best thing about this trip is the ferry to Amsterdam (cruise ship in my opinion). The rooms are amazing and there are showers in every room, which is pretty boss. Good sleep for me tonight I suppose, WOOP WOOP.

TONY SCOTT The best thing about this trip was learning how to use the London Underground, because it’s very cool to see how the people of London get around the city

RACHEL AND MELISSA The best thing so far has been buying gifts to bring home for our family and friends and share our experiences. It was great roaming around Notting Hill and spending our parents’ hard earned money. Thanks!

Billy Elliot Is My Hero!!!!!

22 03 2010

Hello everyone!!!  Europe has been amazing thus far.  I am amazed at the number of things we have been able to see and do already!!!  And it’s only the 4th day in London!!  This morning we went on Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre tour (Ms. Fuller’s favorite), which was built in 1997 as a replica of the original. There are no modern theatre gimmicks such as lighting or sound, and there is an open-air roof.  The theatre was architecturally unbelievable and the students got to practice their acting skills in a workshop.

In the afternoon we visited the British Museum where the students explored a number of countries’ histories.  We saw some really brilliant areas including an Egypt section with real mummies!

A highlight of the day came in the evening when we attended Billy Elliot.  The students were in awe of the stage effects, dancing, singing, and performances.  It was truly spectacular and I think a lot of the students were surprised and impressed with the musical.  Not too many of the students had a dry eye by the end.  What a great day!

Ms. Weathermon

My, My, How Time Flies! By Colin and Lia

21 03 2010

Hey Folks !! Still in London and working our way around the city. The weather was fantastic today thank goodness ☺ We are very excited to see the Globe Theatre tomorrow and make Ms.Fuller proud of our Shakespearian knowledge ! 3 Days has gone by so fast, we never want to leave and we are looking forward to the adventures that have yet to come.

Peace Out, Lia & Colin

I (Love) London! By Isabel Wong

21 03 2010

Hi everyone! Day 3 of our adventure abroad was filled with the best of both worlds; sports and culture. In the morning, we went to the Tate Museum of Modern Art and explored all 7 levels, which included the works of Jackson Pollock, Andy Warhol and Pablo Picasso. For lunch, we all went to Leicester Square and enjoyed many delicious meals there, including Burger King, McDonald’s, Noodle Hut and several other places. In the afternoon, we went to the Premier League Football match between Fulham and Manchester City. It was a very exciting experience, as we were sitting in the same stand as all the Manchester fans, and incidentally, they won! After the football match, we “Tubed” it to Covent Garden, and spent an hour and a half eating dinner and watching street performances.

I, myself am having a fantastic time, albeit Mr. Soong’s constant trickery. The culture here is very different from what I am used to at home. For example, everyone here dresses really well. They also all stand to the right of the escalator while going up it, and walk on the left, which some people fail to do at home. However, I do miss many aspects of being at home, including people saying “Excuse me” or “Thank you.” It’s really true that Canadians are among the most polite people in the world.

I’m incredibly excited for “Billy Elliot” tomorrow night, and “Wicked” on April the 1st, as well as going to Anne Frank’s house and The Louvre!

By Isabel Wong. ☺

Some pictures today…..